Monday, February 25, 2008

Prayer Requests

Before I head to bed I thought I'd write a quick post asking for specific prayer requests. This is a busy time for us as a family, as we prepare to move back to Buffalo. But, it's also a time when God is calling us to be nearer to Him.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of packing and cleaning up, He is waiting for us to sit and be with Him. To hear Him. To ask Him. To praise Him. To love Him.

It's easy to push that still, small voice aside when you have a list of tasks to complete. I struggle with that a lot. I like lists. I like to check things off my lists. I love to feel productive. But right now, there is much to process. There are many lessons to reflect back on that being in Maryland have taught us. There is a lot to praise for. There is a lot to pray for. I don't want to be too busy these next few weeks to miss what the Lord is saying to me. His Words and Spirit are far too precious than a few measly tasks checked off of some list.

So, please pray for us.

Pray for me:
to have a Mary heart
to be patient with my husband
to enjoy my son as my only son for a little while longer
to drink more water and do more yoga so I can be stretchy
for a continued healthy, low-key pregnancy
for comfortable, deep sleep
for strength of mind as we transition locations, and size of family
for strength of mind and body as I prepare for childbirth
for daily time with my Saviour

Pray for Jeff:
(these requests are from me alone, so I'm going to keep them pretty superficial. I don't want to invade his privacy by posting about his needs on our blog without his permission)
to be satisfied with school
for his interview on Thursday around 3ish
for his transition from Daddy of one son to Daddy of two
for physical and mental strength and vitality during our move
for daily time with his Saviour

Pray for Jak:
to not catch anything before/during/after our trip to Buffalo this weekend
to endure the car ride there and back as patiently as a 15mo old can

Pray for our family:
for safety on the ride to and from Buffalo this week (supposed to be a lot of snowfall)
for health now and throughout the move
for our many transitions
for patience for all of us (we tend to get short with one another when the list of tasks is long and we're low on sleep, quiet time or couple time)

Wow. I only intended to write a few requests. These will hold us over for some time! Thank You for your prayers.

"Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear." ~Isaiah 59:1

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