Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

When Jak was an infant and we first moved into our house here in Queenstown, I lovingly set up the nursery for him to enjoy. It was painted by Daddy and then I loaded up the dresser, hung things on the walls, and filled up the shelves with books, baby mementos and pictures.

I had visions of a happy baby smiling up at his mobile, cooing the afternoon away while rocking with Mommy, and singing songs to him while changing his diaper or clothes. The crib and its' bedding looked beautiful and I must admit, I loved everything about how the nursery looked and the warmth and whimsicalness it conveyed.

Fast forward a few short months and the mobile is gone, the custom-made bumper pads I selected so carefully are packed away (they were getting crushed as Jak stepped on them daily), the crib rails have teeth marks and chipped paint on them, the decor is off the walls lest some little hands get to it during naptime, and any sense of 'baby' is now replaced by the very active and curious toddler stage.

Here's what we walk into each day after naptime:

One little monkey jumping on the bed!

To add to our post's title today, I want to share another picture of baby Jak's very first boo-boo. :( While out on a walk a few days ago, Jak tripped over his feet and fell hands and face first onto the pavement. It wasn't a hard fall but more scary than anything since he's usually pretty steady. He just gets so excited that he walks too fast for his little feet to carry him! I picked him up and brushed him off and continued walking since he wasn't hurt. He cried but was fine not a minute later once he saw the neighborhood cat, Smokey.

Later that night, we got him undressed for his bath and low and behold, there was a brush-burn on his knee! Fresh and red on that precious white skin. I felt so bad for my little man! Now I know why he cried (even though we didn't think he was hurt, he was a little bit!).

We took a picture to document for when he breaks a bone or gets tackled or something. We'll show him how tough he is, and was, even at the ripe age of 15 months. ;)

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