Saturday, August 30, 2008


I though in addition to my last WFMW post, I could add another one, except it would involve two more additions. First off, it's What Doesn't Work For Me, and secondly, it's Saturday instead of Wednesday.

Here you go:

Scott's toilet paper does NOT work for me.

During our last run to BJ's, Jeff and I decided to try out a new type of toilet paper. Well, let me rephrase that, Jeff decided to try out a new type of toilet paper. I wasn't too keen on the idea but thought that maybe it could work. Who knows, maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised!

We typically buy Charmin--the real cushy kind--but thought since the cost was almost cut in half by choosing Scott's, we'd give it a shot. Perhaps we could stop being toilet paper snobs and convert to the cheap stuff all while saving $5 bucks.

Not.gonna.happen.again. Ever.

This "stuff", I can hardly call it toilet paper without wincing, is like a type of grit that has absolutely no absorbency to it whatsoever. Not only does it feel scratchy in your hand but it doesn't feel so good down in your nether regions, either! Now, if you're a guy and don't really need it all that often, I'm sure it can be OK. But, women use this stuff every time they go, so it's imperative that the stuff work!

At this rate, if I want to save money on toilet paper, I should go out and cut some leaves, put them in a pretty little basket in the bathroom, and call it a day.

Did I mention that Scott's doesn't work for me? Does anyone need any? Because we have about 17 more rolls left...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, I posted my Works For Me Wednesdays post and have gotten a lot of excited reviews about people trying my baking soda idea. I hope I don't disappoint!

I just want to clarify (because I'm afraid that if the bloggers try my tip and their laundry isn't stain free I may be kicked off of WFMW forever!!) that the baking soda tip doesn't always remove all stains. In my experience, it's removed blood, breastfed baby poop (you can't even tell the baby leaked all the way up his back kind of poop!), spit up, food stains, etc.

I have found it lightens the armpit yellow caused by the chemical reaction between the deodorant and the laundry detergent, and makes that armpit area softer, if it's been hardened. {Gross, I know.} I can deal with the armpit yellow as long as its light and isn't stiff as a board. Otherwise, the t-shirt goes into the rag bin!

As for how much to use, about a 1/2 cup will do the trick. You can use a measuring cup or just any old cup or scooper laying around. Once you do a load or two, you'll get the gist and figure out how much works for you (pun intended). I have an HE washer so I know that the water isn't always the same for each load, depending on the size. I tailor the useage to fit the load size.

And if by chance I do see that the stain I'm trying to get out is still there, even if it is lighter, then I rewash it next load around but this time, in addtion to the baking soda, I add a scoop of OxiClean. After that, it's a pretty safe bet to say that my clothes will be stain free, and still not faded!

Try it, and get back to me to let me know how it works!

p.s. Memarie Lane--I have never cut down on the detergent itself, but it's probably not a bad idea. Try it and see if you notice a difference. I also use A & H laundry detergent (I like that it's biodegradable, plus it whitens and smells good) and I find that it works just as well as regular detergent with adding the baking soda. If I've got a particularly dirty load, then I just add the soda anyways and I'm pleased with the end results.


I was excited to be getting a bit ahead in my blogging and forgot to change the time and date stamp on one of my posts, so my Wednesday post ended up being shown posted on Monday (the day I wrote it). Scroll down to read all about baking soda at the Works For Me Wednesday blog carnival!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frequent Phrases Heard at Our House

"Jak, come here please."
"Hi, Baby!"
"What's for dinner?"
"He's hungry."
"I'm hungry."
"Can you take him?"
"Ball? Ball? Ball?" (can you guess who says that one?!)
"Weet, weet" (Jak telling me there's birdies outside)
"He needs new pants, he stinks."
"Could you get me some water/ice cream/a tissue, please?"
"I love you."
"Huggers for Daddy."
"Where's Jak?"
"Where's John?"
"Let's go outside!"
"Time for a nap!!!" (spoken by the excited parent in charge)
"Who's here, Jak?"
"Woof woof!"
"HONEY! Could you c'mere please?"
"Where's the phone?"
"Be careful."
"Could you please rotate the laundry for me?"
"I could go for a steak right about now."
"I need a nap."
"What do you want to do today?"
"You are so beautiful."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Works For Me Wednesdays

**I just updated the original post with some answered questions, so go to my archives and look for "WFMW--Continued" to continue reading about using baking soda in your laundry.

Here in the mommy-blog world, there is a weekly event (among several) called Works For Me Wednesdays. Basically, the idea is that on Wednesday you post a little tip you've learned on any (G-rated) topic--anything that has "worked for you" in making your life easier.

Well, I am finally going to participate in this!

My WFMW topic is baking soda. We all have baking soda to satisfy various needs like baking, cleaning out drains with vinegar, neutralizing our refrigerator or freezers, etc. Well, my favorite use for baking soda, apart from the goodies that I end up with after using it to bake with, is using it in my laundry.

That's right friends, I put it in my laundry loads! With each wash, I take a scoop of baking soda from my huge $5.99 bag from BJ's and throw it into our trusty new Whirlpool Duet washer. (I really enjoy my new washer and dryer:))

Anyways, I throw it into the wash bin and let it help clean our clothes along with the regular detergent that I put into the little detergent drawer up top. I am not exactly sure how it works but all I can say is that it does wonders!

*Ever get that lovely mustard-like infant poop on clothes/towels/sheets? Sure you have! Baking soda takes it all out without so much as having to scrub it.

*Ever have that awful musty smell in your dishtowels/rags or even worse--your bath towels--that once you use said towel, you end up smelling just like that musty stink? Baking soda and hot water will neutralize that odor causing bacteria and wash it right out. Fresh towels can be enjoyed again!

*Ever have a husband around who likes to wear undershirts every day? Of course you do! And I'm sure your husband, like 99% of other husbands in the world, sweats like crazy. So, not only does the deodorant leave a nice yellow stain on the armpit of the shirt, but the sweat leaves something for you, too. Once again, baking soda in the load of whites does the trick. It helps take the stains out while making your whites brighter and your laundry smelling fresher.

Love baking soda. And, it works for me!

For more WFMW, go to Rocks In My Dryer.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coming Out

August is here and I feel like summer still has yet to come! Not for lack of sun here in Buffalo, but just because I feel like I'm starting to come out from under my rock.

When you have a baby, there is this thing called "transition". Well, for some reason, I figured this transition wouldn't be quite as difficult because we were in a familiar zone. We already did this baby thing, how hard could it be to do it again?


Having John wasn't hard, but I didn't transition seamlessly like I thought I would. And why, you ask, did I think I'd go seamlessly into Motherhood x2? Not sure, really. Teaching, varied professional nanny jobs, having 10--count 'em, 10--nieces and nephews before I was pregnant with my first child all were pretty good reasons of why I thought I could do this with more than one child with my eyes closed.

I wasn't arrogant, but I think I was just sure of myself in my mothering capabilities. Well, there is nothing like having one child crying because he wants you to hold him and the other child crying because he wants you to let go of him, all at the same time, to make you think twice about your limits.

There have been times where I've sat on the floor holding the one son while playing with the other. I've sat on the floor nursing one son while eating fishies with the other. And, I'm happy to report that there have been times where I sat on the floor holding a crying baby while corraling the other baby who is crying, all while having a good little cry myself.

I'm happy to report that fact because it means that I am normal. Ahh...having bad days where there is spit up on your shirt and on the floor that you just mopped is normal. Crying babies (plural) is normal. Messy houses, pb&j dinners, staying in your pj's all day long until you get the chance to shower at 10pm, your husband handing you the breast pad you've been frantically searching for, this is all normal.

Having kids grows you. It stretches you. It refines you. It tears apart every notion and belief you thought you were sure of, so that you either stand firm in that belief because now you are sure of it beyond the shadow of a doubt, or you rid yourself of it because it just doesn't make sense anymore.

Having kids gives you moments where you realize that the earth will still spin if you do not have it all together. Because in those moments, you realize that your husband still thinks you are beautiful even though the spit up is still on your shirt, your precious children think you are Super Woman because you make the best pb&j's around, and your pj's are kinda sexy even if you do wear them all day long. I am having alot of those moments lately. And I'm loving the freedom I find in them.

Whether you are under a rock, under a pile of laundry, or under the weight of the pressure you put upon yourself for being x, y or z, get out! I am.

My Sweet 3 Month Old

Friday, August 22, 2008

Not Gone

Uggh. I am so bad at posting frequently. Every day, my friends, every day I have a new post idea. Can someone please give me more hours in the day? I'd really appreciate it.

Hang in there. I'm coming back.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Boys, Oh Boy

I am in for it. Any Mother of two boys is.

This morning, I walked into the living room to see Jak hugging (read: grabbing and squeezing tightly) the baby, who was resting comfortably in the swing. We have the Fisher-Price Cradle Swing, which hangs from one pole and the weight limit is 25 pounds. Considering that John now weighs 16 (yes, 16!!) pounds and Jak is certainly more than the extra 10 needed to exceed the limit, my heart sinks every time I hear the swing creak, for I know that Jak is 'loving' on his brother.

Such was the case this morning, and as I walked over to remove him, I saw the baby smiling as Jak gave me this devilish grin. It's like they were saying, "Just wait, Mom. We've got big plans."