Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Goodbye Yesterday!

The day started fairly well. I picked up my dear friend, Belle, for a day of shopping and visiting around 10am. She showed me some stores right near my home, and quite frankly, I'm glad I didn't know about them before now. I've saved a lot of money just by being ignorant!

For lunch, we came back to the house to greet Jeff and Jak and a huge, steaming bowl of ground turkey soup. Mmm. After Jak went in for a nap, we plugged in The Nanny Diaries and sat down to enjoy it. Belle and I have many things in common but one of the main things is that we have both been nannies for a good chunk of our lives. What a perfect movie for us to watch together!

Around 4pm, we left to take her back to her car, and it was drizzling a bit of freezing rain. No big deal. We're from Buffalo. (This statement has become our motto when navigating across MD in the winter. People freak here when it rains/snows/or any other type of precipitation happens. We don't. We're from Buffalo.) We dropped her off at her car but before we did, we noticed that one of the main bridges to get back to Annapolis was closed. Uh oh.

We started towards Annapolis in a round-about way, with Belle following beind as to not get lost. This was going to work out great since we needed to run to Whole Foods and we could make sure she found her way home safely.

Fast forward about 2 hours later. 2 hours, during dinnertime, with a man who is about to wet his pants, a hungry toddler in the backseat and no diaper bag, pacifier, teddies, cereal bars, even candy for goodness sake, nothing to pacify him, and a mom who's nerves were completely shot.

At this point, we've avoided both a front and a rear end fender-bender, and we have only driven about 5 miles from when we dropped Belle to her car. Traffic was stopped on all major roads going into Annapolis and there was no way around it unless you wanted to swim. Rush hour + freezing rain=ain't nobody goin' anywhere.

Thankfully, Jeff had the discernment to skip our grocery shop, and turn around while we were still able to catch our bridge--which wasn't closed--so that we could get back home before 9pm. Belle was near Annapolis and she knew how to get home from that point, so we did a U and headed home. Jak was long-gone by this point; not even another episode of Praise Baby in the dvd player would work. About 37 rounds of singing "You Are My Sunshine" later, we ended up at Safeway to grab a pizza and fed him 2 jars of baby food while we sped him around in the cart grabbing stuff here and there. By 8pm we were home, with a freshly bathed Jak asleep in his bed.

Pizza. American Idol. Ice cream for good measure. Bedtime.

Wait! I'm not done yet!

After hearing a few noises while trying to fall asleep, we figured it was just something outside. As soon as sleep came, CRASH! A box in our bedroom fell over and delirious as we were, we sprung up and lept towards Jak's room as if to save him, thinking there was a burglar in the house. Once realizing what the crash actually was (J must've kicked it over during sleep since it was placed at the foot of our bed), we got up to clean it up and then finally, finally, fell asleep for the night after taking lots of long breaths to relax.

What a day.


Frank said...

Sounds like you had a very interesting if not frustrating day. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Maryann said...

Hi Knapps!
I like your knotes!
Love, Maryann