Saturday, February 23, 2008

You're From Buffalo if:

Here is a forward I received and I thought it painted quite an accurate picture on what it's like to hail from the land of Buffalo:

Those of you who are living out of town, you've said to your friends....

"Back home, you could get a case of Labatts for twelve bucks!"
"Back home, you could get a 30 pack of Genny for nine bucks!"
(OK I would NEVER say this!)
"Back home, this house would go for only 80K!"
"Back home, you could get a large cheese and pepperoni pizza for seven bucks!"
"Back home, the bars close at 4:00 AM!"
"You call this snow?"
"You call this cold?"
"You call this a supermarket?"
"You call these wings?"
"You call this pizza?"

You know you're from Buffalo if....

You know that "uppers" and "lowers" aren't drugs.
You don't let a blinding snowstorm stop you from driving 70 MPH down the Thruway during rush hour.
You believe snow on Halloween is good because its bound to warm up in November (Mom's will say you need the first freeze for Indian Summer).
You don't put away the winter clothes, they stay in the front closet year round.
You've fallen asleep waiting for the light to change at the intersection of
Niagara Falls Boulevard and Sheridan Drive.
You know that cheering for the Miami Dolphins is sac religious. (Absolutely!)
You hate the Dallas Cowboys.
You refer to Niagara Falls as "the Falls".
You've dined at "The Como " in "The Falls".
You watch the Bill's on TV with the sound turned down, and the radio turned to the game, on 97 Rock (Formally WBEN 930). (This is so true.)
You've heard Van Miller call a Bill's game.
You remember Rich stadium.
You've watched Rocket ship 7 or Commander Tom.
(OK, these I don't remember)
You remember Meet the Millers.
You Remember Dialing For Dollars.
You remember Barry's Cat's Pajamas with Barry Lillis.
You still can't say Interstate instead of Thruway when you relocate to another state.

You've been around Buffalo a long time if you've ever called...
Bon-Ton - "AM&A's"
Kaufmanns - "Hengerer's" or "Sibley's"
Quality Markets - "Bells"
Jubilee - "Super Duper"
You remember Twin Fair.
You remember Irv, Rick, Clip, and Tom.
You remember Clint Buehlman, Danny Neavreth.
You've been to Fantasy Island , Crystal Beach, and Darien Lake.

Half of your friends moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and the other half went to Florida.
You use the word "the" before the numbers of expressways, like "The 90", "The 400" and so on.
You save Canadian coins to use at tollbooths and parking meters.

You've ever feasted on these treats:
-real chicken wings (they're called "wings" not "Buffalo wings") and we serve them with real bleu cheese dressing, carrots & celery.
-Subs!! not heroes or hoagys, (we are known nationwide for making and eating the biggest subs anywhere!)
-real beef on weck & real horseradish (Arby's is chainfood garbage)
-authentic & genuine pizza made from real pizzerias (Pizza Hut, Dominos, & Little Caesars is chain food slop not even fit for dogs!)?
-Ted's charcoal broiled hot dogs, Niagara Street clams, sponge candy, fried bologna, Bison French Onion Chip Dip, limburger cheese, deep fried smelt, Anderson's custard, Perry's Ice Cream, rhubarb, pierogis, liverwurst, headcheese, Weber's horseradish mustard, St Joseph's day bread, Miller's Horseradish! and washed it down with Genessee Cream Ale, in a 16 ounce bottle ("'da pounder"), loganberry, Vernor's, OV, fresh apple cider, Labatt's Blue, Visniak or Black Rock pop
Don't forget Friday night fish-fry 52 weeks a year...not just Lent!

You slam on the brakes and slow to a crawl whenever you see the "Village of Kenmore" sign.
You watched Canadian television, just so you could see U.S. shows a day or two earlier than they would appear in the States.
You can make the coins land perfectly in the toll basket at 20 MPH or higher.
You think it's quite acceptable to take a day off work on Dyngus Day, St. Joseph 's Day, St. Patrick's Day, St. Stanislaus Day, Ash Wednesday, the Monday after a Bills victory.
You use your garage as the living room during the summer, putting a big screen over where the overhead door would be.
You still go to all the neighborhood and ethnic festivals, even though they're really all the same.
You know the lyrics to .... "You Know We're Gonna' Win That Cup", The Bills "Shout" song, any song by Rush, Kim Mitchell or Honeymoon Suite, "Marineland" and "Game Farm" jingle, "Danny Moves My Fannie In The Morning" jingle, "Put a Little Money In the Metro Bus" jingle, "Talkin' Proud", The Crystal Beach "pay one price" jingle, The Tops "Tops never stops saving you more!" jingle, The Sattlers "998 Broadway" jingle--even if you weren't alive when they were still open.
You remember the voice of the Sabres; Ted Darling.
You've attended a concert at Artpark or Melody Fair.
You've nearly gotten into fights over topics like.... Malecki vs. Sahlen vs Wardynski vs. Shelly vs. Redlinski vs Zwiegels, Anchor Bar vs. Duff's, Bocce Club vs. Leonardi's, Tops vs.. Wegmans.
You go to Niagara Falls for the outlet shopping and the Italian food, not the scenery.
You spend hours planning drives to avoid toll booths.
You've ever sarcastically said "Fun? Wow!"
One of your friends claims to have known Ani DiFranco, a Goo Goo Doll or Baby Joe Mesi from high school.
You have more than one shovel in your garage.
Your car has more rust than exposed paint. (Not anymore)
Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor on "31" or on "the Ridge" (in Niagara and Orleans Counties).
You know several people who have hit deer more than once.
You often switch from "Heat" to "A/C" in the same day.
You drive to Lockport for a Reids dog with onions & sauce and a side of rings
You use a down comforter in the summer.
A day at the beach is at Beaver Island or Olcott.
You've been on a first date at the drive-in movies, or a bowling ally.
You see people wearing hunting clothes at social events.
You know about the "Canadian Ballet".
You carry jumper cables in your car and your girlfriend knows how to use them.
You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit. (Yep!)
Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and flannel pajamas. (YOU MEAN It's NOT?????)
You know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, construction.
You've ever attended an event at "The Aud".
You ever watched a Buffalo Braves game.
You remember the Sabres' "French Connection".
You understand the term "lake effect snow".
It takes you 3 hours to go to the store for one item even when you're in a rush because you have to stop and talk to everyone in town.

Pretty long, but you get the point. Lots to say about Buffalonians. Some good, some bad, some weird, but you know, if you're from there, you just can't get enough of it.

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