Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Savoring Tiny

Tiny is a nickname that Jeff affectionately gave to Jak during the first few weeks of his life. Indeed, he was tiny. And a tiny version of Jeff as well. I laughed a bit because I figured the name would stick and that as Jak got bigger, he'd 'outgrow' it for sure. I could just picture him at at 17, tall and broad, tackling people on the football field as the crowd chants, "Ti-ny! Ti-ny!"

In these last few days of my pregnancy I find my thoughts constantly turning to the fact that soon there will be another Tiny in the house and I won't be able to spend hours upon hours investing in my one and only son anymore. This makes me quite wistful and to be honest, I wasn't really expecting to feel this way. I guess I hadn't thought about what the transition to two children would look like, at least not emotionally.

The closer we get to D-Day, the more I try to relish these days, these precious moments where Jak is our only child, our only focus, our only pride and joy.

(Let me add that none of this is to take away the feeling of blessedness that we have about soon receiving a second son. We are overjoyed to be welcoming another little one into the world, and are so excited to meet him any day now. We look forward to the time we'll have with him, wathcing him grow into his own person and then watching the two boys play together, amongst other things.)

Here are some recent moments I've captured for our enjoyment, as well as yours, as we try to savor the time we have left with our first Tiny man.

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