Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Big Boy Things

Daddy made an awesome steak dinner on our new grill a few days ago. Jak is a meat lover like his parents, and he enjoyed that juicy steak as much as we did! He also got his first cob of corn to nibble on. I realized that I didn't need to cut the corn off of the cob anymore since he was a "big boy" and as usual--he loved it.

Jak has entered the climbing phase of his toddler years. Yay. Each morning he likes to climb up on a "big boy chair" and pick out his banana. I peel it for him and he eats it like a little grown up.

One of the things I think that is very important for little ones is them learning how to occupy themselves from time to time, to play independently. While Mommy has some down time, Jak goes into his crib for his own down time.

One day last week, I walked in to check on him and found that he was lining up all of his animals against the wall where they wouldn't fall down. I thought this very clever of him, despite the marks all over the newly painted wall. He loves to line them up all the time now, just to tear them down and do it all over again!

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