Saturday, May 17, 2008

39 Weeks

...and counting! We are all doing great. At times I feel like I just cannot wait any longer for this baby, but there are just as many times that I know he will come when he is ready and the more time he spends tucked in my womb, the better the transition afterward.

I can tell that my body is getting ready and will spare you the details of how I know, but let's just say, a woman knows. And so does her husband, because she (likely) complains a lot at this point of the pregnancy!

At my 38 week visit, everything was on target: blood pressure, heart tones, measurements, etc. The baby is still moving quite a bit and everyone who feels my tummy loves to feel his little foot sticking out of my right side. He's had his bottom felt by a dozen people so far, if not more! It's the most prominent part of him that I can point out at this point!

We wonder what little John will look like, what color his hair will be and how big he'll be (I think I'm the one who mostly wonders that), what color his eyes will end up as, and if he'll have Daddy's plush lips. I hope so! One thing is for sure, we'll find out soon!

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