Friday, May 23, 2008

Lady in Waiting

Well, I made it once again to the 40 week mark.

Today is my due date according to my LMP although an early sonogram predicted that my due date was May 29th, based on the baby's size at that time. I'm hoping to go before then, as I don't think I can grow any more, let alone become more mobile in the weeks ahead. My mobility/agility level is that of a 92 year old woman. At least that's how I feel right about now.

I went to get adjusted today and Dr. Crack-Crack did something to my pelvis and I can hardly walk now! I'm not sure how I'm going to labor with this sort of pain; in fact, I'd rather be in labor than have this sort of pain. It's excruiciating.

I'm hoping to wake tomorrow morning with my body feeling back to normal. Well, as normal as a full term Momma can feel!

Here are my "due date pics" for you all to smirk at. :) Yes, I am huge. I keep repeating to myself: "Big and beautiful!"

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