Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christ Is Risen, Indeed!

Today was Easter Sunday, 2008. And an unconventional one at that!

Our festivities were cancelled because of rampant sickness in my family. I have 4 siblings and one member of each family except one was sick. What are the odds?!

So, we went to church last night and stayed home today. That was weird in and of itself, not going to church on a bright Easter Sunday morning.

Jak didn't even get to wear his sweet little seersucker suit today! I'll have to take a picture of him and post it some other day.

The one normal part of our day was Jak finding his Easter basket underneath Mom's kitchen table. He gently crawled under and grabbed it and brought it out to look at its contents. Then he played with his new Tonka and Matchbox cars throughout the day. Very cute.

I'm thankful that even though it was an "abnormal" Easter for us, the wonderful fact remains that Jesus died for me and for you so that we might live forever, with Him. How awesome is His love for us. Happy Easter!

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