Sunday, November 2, 2008


Jak is in full talk mode these days so here are some things that he says in case you can't figure out what's coming out of his mouth if/when he talks to you (emphasis added where necessary):  

gICKin  (chicken)
peeee  (piggy)
peas  (please)
muah  (thank you--he still signs this word but now it has the added effect of blowing a kiss)
gonbooyy!!  (John-boy)
raous  (flowers)
buusch  (spoon--don't ask me where he got that one from!?)
beer  (bear)
beeps/beets--depending on the day  (bib)
helpee  (help)
godods  (donuts)
wawa  (water)
siy-siy  (outside)
puple!  (football)
key  (kitty)
budy  (birdy)
meets  (music)
pay  (pray)
gumPIN  (pumpkin)
peopo  (people)
anmals  (animals)

Awss  (Alex, his cousin)
Teetci  (Tracy, his aunt)
Geff  (Jeff [Jak likes to mimic me!])
Kaiyee  (Kelly [he actually will call me that when addressing me!])
Soshine  (Sonja Lee from Fisher-Price Little People)
Nisan  (Nathan, his cousin)
Yeesha  (Lisa, his aunts)
Sera  (Sarah, his cousin)
Masshew  (Matthew, his cousin)
Eek  (Eric, his cousin)
Emee  (Emily, his aunt)
Gen  (Jenn, his aunt)
Sofie  (Grandma's dog Sofie, and his friend, Sofia)
Deba  (Grandpa & Grandma Dennis' dog, Reba)
Oui-Oui or Oui-Ouis  (Louise, our friend)
GAK!  (Jak, of course!)

This kid is so cute, we can't get enough of him!!!

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Jack's Mommy said...

that's sooo makes me excited to think jack will be talking like that within a year or so too!

my little cousin use to call me "Yeeya" when she was that age!