Tuesday, April 8, 2008

In the Midst of the Move

Well, it's been 3 weeks since we made the big move from Maryland to NY. Mom has been so gracious to allow us to stay with her, and it's working out very nicely. We have our own little "suite" in the basement, and Jak has his own room as well, right next to Mom's.

Since we've been back, we haven't been able to catch up with friends and most of my family because of the flu that seemed to last forever, and now all of the preparation for the move next week. It's OK though, once we're in our house and settled, we'll start the catching up. For once, there is no rush!

We got the keys to our house on the 31st of March and we were pleasantly surprised by the way the previous tenants left it. We went in the following day to clean it and start painting.

As of today, all of the painting is done except the bathroom and back hallway. My Mom is tediously working on priming and painting the woodwork to help make the house look updated. What a job. I've been unpacking some kitchen boxes and by the weekend, I hope to be able to hang some curtains up, as long as the woodwork is dry. Jeff worked his toosh off painting most of the house, and it looks great.

We are eager to move in! Our target is to be living there next weekend. It was supposed to be this weekend but there is still a ton of little stuff to do, so in order to avoid feeling pressure, we allowed ourselves another week. I'm glad we did. This will give us time to take care of those things that I feel we'll have no energy for once we are in.

Jak has been wonderful through this whole transition. He is showing a bit more of his temper at times, and I'm sure it's a combination of age (18mos already!) and all of the newness happening, but overall he's been very good. For having hardly ever leaving him back in MD to him being away from us quite a bit these last two weeks, he's adjusted pretty well. I hope he continues to be flexible as we enter into this last week of transition with moving. Then it'll be smooth sailing for a few weeks until his little brother decides to make his grande entrance.

I have been slacking at taking pictures lately because my camera's batteries are dead and I have no idea where the other ones are. I'm also too lazy to go and buy some more when I know I have a ton somewhere around here. I will *try* to be better about posting pictures of us for you all to see. For now, though, we all look the same. :)

I'll update more soon!

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