Monday, April 21, 2008

All Done!

Or, if you're Jak, instead of saying "all done", you throw your hands up in the air on each side and look around. :)

We are all done with the move. Thank God.

There are still projects to be started or finished, but we are done with bringing stuff over and getting things unpacked.

This move seemed to be really trying for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm about 9 months pregnant and completely drained. Or, it could be because we have a very busy toddler. Did I say very busy? Yes, I did. Very busy. Or maybe it's just that we are all moved out. 4 moves in 2 years, that's enough to stop anyone from ever moving again! Well, no matter what the reason, we are exhausted!

I still have not made an effort to find fresh batteries and have missed so many adorable picture moments for Jak. Like this morning, when the plumber was here, Jak was right up in the mix, trying to see what he was doing and trying to "fix" it right along with him. Then, I told him to back off a little bit and instead of hovering over the man, Jak laid down on his belly right next to him to make sure he didn't miss anything. Too darn cute. Or, there was the time the other day, when he fed himself an entire cup of chocolate pudding, all by himself, with a spoon! He made a mess, of course, but it was actually a pretty neat mess, if there is such a thing. He was so proud of himself.

I've got to get those batteries.

So, that's the scoop here. Not too exciting but at least it's an update for a change.

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