Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today I woke up feeling pretty good, despite the terrible cold we've all been fighting for a few days now.  The sun was brightly shining-which is a rare occurrence in this part of the country during winter, and we all got a good night's rest.  Don't you feel so good when you wake up feeling rested?  I do.

Though I woke late and we had to shove breakfast down the boys' throats rush the boys morning routine, I was excited for a few things.  

Today Jak was heading to school (he missed it on Tuesday), I was heading to my beloved bible study with dear friends, Jeff had an interview and I was picking up a rug that I got for a steal of a deal on Craigslist.  I know, I know, you're thinking "why is she spending money when her husband is unemployed?"  It's ok, it was some extra money that I earned, no, make that John earned, when he toy tested for Fisher-Price.  Should I have saved it?  Probably.  But YOU go for months and months and months on a bare bones budget and tell me you're going to save that extra few bucks that you weren't counting on!  Go ahead, try it!  I bet you'll find something that you just have to have.  :)

Ok, so I was feeling pretty good.  The sunshine does wonderful things to my spirits.  Driving down the road, my thoughts were consumed with how good life is.  

Then I got to my bible study.

There, we were informed that one of our friends' sons was taken to the hospital for respiratory problems the day before.  He is 15 months old.  As we listened and talked about what she might be experiencing as a Mom, watching her little guy lay on the bed, sedated with a ventilator down his throat, my heart sank.

The doctors didn't know anything.  Not what it was, how he got it, how long it'll be around, what will happen next.  She has no time frame as to when he'll get better.  She can't touch him because he responds to her and fights the sedation.  How, tell me how, can a mother not touch the very son she gave life to as he lays before her?  I cringe every time I think of that.  I just cannot imagine...

We ended up skipping our study and focused on prayer for our friend, and figuring out how to help and serve her and her family during this time.  They have 2 other little boys older than Michael that happened to get the stomach flu later that day.  This was truly a family in need of God's healing touch.

When I gathered my boys from preschool (Jak) and playtime (John), we came home and settled in for lunch and naps.  My thoughts haven't strayed far from Aimee and her family.  My prayers are just a part of many that go before our Father on their behalf, the Healer extraordinaire.  We trust that He knows what's going on, and will heal little Michael's body.

Today, I held my boys a little tighter.  I held them a little longer.  I gave thanks to God for their health, rather than taking it for granted.  I kissed them more, I played with them more.  I was reminded of the precious gift that life is, in every. single. moment.

Today.  It's a gift.

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