Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FB Anonymous, Anyone?

Oh my.  It's been a long time.  A very long time.

Each time I sit down to write a new post, I find myself tapping the keys only to press backspace all the way to the beginning of the page.  Hmph.  Maybe I have a case of Writer's Block?  Or maybe it's called Blogger's Block?  BB?

OR, maybe it's because all of my brain cells are wasting away with each waking minute I spend on Facebook?

Don't get me wrong, Facebook is a marvelous thing.  I have found "friends" on there that I haven't spoken to in years, which is why I added quotations to the word friend.  I wish they'd have a better, less friend-y word for FB "friends" who are actually non-friends in real life.  Acquaintances sounds too distant for someone whose status you read daily.  I digress.  

So, I have a lot of FB "friends" and I love reading about their daily lives, looking at the pictures that get posted, and communicating with people through a venue with a little more life to it than just plain 'ol email.

However, it's addicting.  Very addicting.  To the point that I check FB more than I check my email.  Strange.  Why email when you can FB?  Why FB when you can email?  Still figuring this one out, though I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with the "more life to it" aspect that I mentioned above.  

I even feel a little guilt about introducing the addiction that is FB to poor, unsuspecting souls like my husband whose plate is already full enough, and my sister who takes her computer with her into the bathroom while her 4 kids chase after her (just kidding, Trace!).  Let's not forget my dear Mom, who is gaining strength in numbers under her "Friend" list as well.  I'm convinced that she'll end up connecting with her long lost first love via this fabulous, addicting tool.  

Then, my guilt will be gone!

But my blog will still be overdue for a new post.


Terri said...

I gotta tell you Kelly - I thoroughly enjoyed this post - he he. Being a fellow fb anonymous member I was giggling a lot through this. he he

Jack's Mommy said...

lol..i know the feeling.

btw, i have a facebook. haha wanna be my friend? :) i just looked you up but there were 126 results with your exact name.

you can find mine with my first & last name on there. kevin should be in the search too, but he never goes on there (i made if for him). haha